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Infest Trains...

Details so far for people who dont read beleraphon's or toby_cyberbat's LJ...

This is the train most Norwich peeps will be travelling to infest on...

Leaves Norwich at 11:57am on Frisday 26th August
Arrives Bradford at 4:11pm
Change at Grantham and Leeds

Steph and Myself will be returning to Norwich on this train...

Leaves Bradford at 11:18am on Monday 29th August
Arrives Norwich at 4:09pm
Change at Leeds and Grantham

(Toby will be returning an hour earlier on the 10:18 train)

Ticket type is STD APEX RETURN
Cost is £41.00
This ticket is ONLY AVALIBLE FROM NORWICH STATION the online booking agents had run out so you need to get your ass down there and buy your ticket in person.
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