Someone Somewhere (assassin_soul) wrote,
Someone Somewhere

Chains On Velvet this Friday!!!

::Chains On Velvet::

Goth / Industrial / EBM / Darkwave

Friday 21st September 2007
Upstairs @ The Waterfront, King St, Norwich, Norfolk
10pm - 3am with cafe bar serving alcohol until 2:45
£4.50 / £3.50 NUS on the door

**Dress To Distress**

See you there!
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What darkwave will you be playing? :]
It will depend on how drunk I get...

I'm moving on Saturday, so will have to give it a miss! Soz... :o/
I'll let you off this time...
I'll be there! I've managed to get Sat off work now too, so can enjoy myself properly! I do have to work 12.30-9 Friday tho, so will be there late as usual xx