Someone Somewhere (assassin_soul) wrote,
Someone Somewhere

Steph's Funeral

For those on my friend’s list who haven’t heard - Steph (beleraphon) passed away suddenly on Tuesday morning.

I'm still not sure what to write about the last few days events, so I’ll stick to the funeral arrangements.

Steph's Funeral will be on Friday 3rd March at 1:45pm at

Markeaton Crematorium
Markeaton Lane

It will be non-religious, as we believe that’s what she would have wanted.

ALL ARE WELCOME - please tell us if you are coming though, so we have an idea of how many to plan for and how much crash space is required.

If anybody has anything they want to say/have said at the Funeral please get in contact (chains_on_velvet at hotmail dot com).

A note to dress code - Steph's parents and myself would like her friends to go dressed as Steph would have seen them on any other social occasion she attended - be it Chains On Velvet or Gamesoc pub crawl. Please don't feel compelled to "dress Funeral" unless that’s what you usually wear!

Richard & Lynne (Steph’s Parents) Chris (Steph’s Brother) and myself (Simon) would all like to thank everybody for their kind words and support over the last few days and we hope you can make it to the Funeral.

If there are any questions - please ask.

Please circulate this where needed.
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